SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 32: “Every Person Is A Reflection”

They say it take twenty-one days for something to become a habit. I propose it takes thirty-two days for something to become a magnet.

Tomorrow I shoot an SCE campaign. After one week away I had a lot of catch-up to do. My producer was out with a killer migraine, leaving a bunch of pre-shoot details in my hands. No worries, I’m more concerned about him than my day’s list of objectives. And knowing that things always work out, I roll-up my sleeves, readjust my schedule of priorities and hit the road.

First stop, Enterprise Rent a Car for a cargo van; it’s not ready – one hour behind. Second destination, tech check; traffic delays on way to location – one and a half hours behind. Third task, off to pick-up expendables – two hours down and not even to my list yet.

Here is the blessing. I walk into Out-of-Frame, a great little resource shop and the only place I can find the gatorboard we need for tomorrow’s shoot.

I’m greeted by Marie, one of the business owners. You guessed it… my intuition asks me to invite her to 365.

There is an instant connection, and not to be unkind to my producer (at home with a terrible headache), I am thankful to be picking-up the slack of his absence. He was meant to have the day off and I am certain I am in the right place at the right time.

Marie is a vibrant, intelligent businesswoman, with a past of building successful businesses. Well traveled and cultured, she is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be hurried and impersonal.

The photo we take is a true reflection of her presence. It is not forced, rather, a picture of her as she is during our conversation.

We talk of human nature, yoga and share our thoughts of the world around us. I know, sounds metaphysical. I promise we are not “out there.” But on that note, Marie made an incredibly profound statement, “Every person is a reflection of who you are. We are all mirrors, and those you see are reflections of yourself.”

I know, a very heavy statement. My interpretation… We put ourselves in situations to be of influence to others (whether we choose to or not), and at many time are attracted to people, places, things and experiences that are reflective of our mental and spiritual self. Sort of a “what you see is what you get” theory. Adjusted the statement to, “what you do is who you are,” leads to, “who you are is who you’re with,” back to, “who you’re with is what you do.” Kind of deep… isn’t it!?

Take it our leave it, that’s how my mind works… and if you want to roll with my blog, you might just have to patronize me a little as you come on board.

An easier way to look at the above statements is this common phrase, “water somehow seems to seek its own level.” Kind of sums it up.

We have a great discussion. One that I know was supposed to happen and a testimony builder of the power of the 365 mission.

I’m certain I was directed to meet Marie.

There are so many wonderful people around us. I’m learning to not take anyone at face value. To literally step out of my comfort zone and be open in reaching out. It gets dicey at times, and more doors are slammed in my face than opened. Countless rejections followed by amazing 365 acceptances.

And all those who have stepped on board have made me a better person. I hope you as well.

My encounter with Marie was not by chance, I am sure of that. Michaelbrent (my producer), feel better my good friend, and thank you for giving me this day. Your absence has allowed me the opportunity to meet Marie, and I’m positive the encounter was meant to be in this blog.

A magnet philosophy is developing in my life. Good attracts good, and we must do all the good we can.

All I know is I can’t stop the momentum of 365. It’s part of me now, a moving train that I cannot stop and I’m just holing on for the ride.

The fact is, I am absolutely clueless as to where the journey is taking us. Yet there is a peace inside of me that tells me, it will be to a good place.

Hey! Did I say, Marie is a really smart business person and world traveler? Well, she is! And she has truthfully earned her badges through her faith, courage and one of the most optimistic perspectives I’ve found.

Marie, Thanks for coming on board. I wish you every success in the businesses you are building and sincerely give you a thumbs-up for your travel dreams. Mahalo Nui Loa (bear with me, I’m still coming down off my Hawaii high).