SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 319: “A Date With Spiderman”

I’ll be honest; my brain is on half power as I write this entry. Not sure why, but for whatever reason, I’m falling short on any snappy opening or theatrical set up. Possibly its the uneasy feeling that was left on me by hearing the back talk of two people who were positioned outside of a grocery store, solicitation signatures for a very contested ballot initiative.

In listening to them I was wholly unimpressed to hear of the contempt they had for all who disagreed with their ballot proposal. In what they said my heart sank a little as I sat on a nearby bench, trying to enjoy the sun and an ice cream moment with my daughter.

The heartache came in hearing the terse under breath language and demeaning calls of judgment towards all who offered an opposite viewpoint to their position. “I hate all these stupid people” was one of the many comments that went into my mind as I sat, doing the best I could to help my daughter understand that is no way to respect our fellow-man.

What was equally frightening was that after speaking highly offensive words, they would turn to the next passer-by in continuing an outwardly benevolent campaign. And once again, behind the backs of polite “not interested,” utter to each words the likes of, “If I was off the time clock I’d tell these people just how stupid they are.”

Maybe my brain is not on half power after all, for if so, I certainly would not be so charged in this entry. And please, forgive me if I am becoming what I witnessed in exposing my observations of what I am calling, “The plague of hypocrisy.”

I’ll do my best to repent of my hard feelings. It’s really not about the ballot issue. It’s about the disrespect that I was forced to absorb through the numbness my polling neighbors carried in the way they so proclaimed of their point of view. Their atmospheric projection of volume and scorn touched my heart so eloquently that I walked away carrying a bit of the pain they must be feeling. And for that my obligation is to have compassion in my heart.

I understand their frustrations in fielding rejections to something close to their value system. Heaven knows… I have experienced much of the same for almost a year via the endless level of rejections and insults I have born in carrying forward 365.

I’m not saying that I am anyone special, but the one lesson that has been taught to me, over and over again, is to respect those who differ from my opinions even more than those who agree with me ten fold. That, in my mind is the truest school of compassion: To still love and accept when it is not that easy to do.

We are all species human. Every one of us has the same red blood running through our veins. And, at the end of our lives, do we want to look back and feel of the connection we made and of the lessons of compassion we learned? Or, do we want to leave this earth with hardened hearts and calloused intellects?

I guess I did have something to say after all, and in realizing this, let me bridge to the brighter light of my friends of today, Sharkie and his friend Monica. Both of who are the farthest contrast from my unknown earth citizens of this mornings sadness.

And even though Sharkie and Monica reveal differing opinions on society, and of the future, there is a love in their voices and a unity in their relationship. You know… The way people are supposed to respect one another. And in meeting them, I am healed for the moment from the unshed tears that have been trapped in my throat from the pain projected upon me in hearing the words of my politicking friends of supermarket past.

Monica says, “If I had one wish for the people of the world, I wish that people could do what they really want to do, without hurting someone else. And if people could just do that, I think that would save the world.”

Wow, how wise is that advice, and referencing the spirit attack I have been carrying, Monica has healed me. In her advice, we have given permission to either agree or to disagree, but in each instance, she has called us to accountability: Respect one another… in winning… and in loosing. That is the core to building a better humanity.

“And don’t let fear stop you from doing what you want to do,” She adds.

Monica further facilities the healing. “We have to look at things and realistically see them for what they are, not using fear, or assumptions to direct our thoughts and actions.”

Sharkie addressed fear, “Jump into things that you are fearful of… and just do it.”

A peace falls on the our sidewalk chat as Sharkie and Monica agree in stereo, at the same time saying, “Face your fears.”

“Don’t let anybody intimidate you.” Sharkie expands as he looks at the planet ahead.

“The future is going to be just like it is right now, and it is going to go into a little more turmoil. A downfall… I don’t see anything picking up… because there are so many bad things happening in the world. People go to church and they pray. And many of the people that pray are still getting shot and killed. It’s only going to get worse. The police can’t control it. It’s still the gang members that control a lot of the turmoil on this planet.”

A rather dark forecast, but one well-earned. What is unique about it is that even though a tad fatalistic, Sharkie’s comments are weaved with optimism in comparing his history with his outlook on contributing to society.

“I was married, had a beautiful house, two beautiful kids, and a successful career. Then my wife had an affair, my marriage ended and I fell into a deep depression. I ended up homeless and the depression lasted three years. I’m now past the depression and feel lucky for what I have. I’m thankful for the money that I can earn (Sharkie is a finish carpenter) and the car that I have to live in. There are many that do not even have that. I have enough money and whenever I can help someone, I do. I give what I can to help everyone out.”

Sure Sharkie, has doubts regarding the world ahead, but does he let it paralyze him. You be the judge. And in our analysis a social initiative is presented. That no matter what our views of what is to come, or of our histories, we can all do our part in laying a foundation leaned towards honoring our fellow humans.

Per Sharkie’s words, “We can just hope for a better planet.”

Monica speak out, “I wouldn’t go so far as to project something really negative. I think if people could be little more positive. And really do take part to do something, and not waiting for something to happen. In a way, there is a big part of our destiny that we can control.”

She gives us a few reads to consider. “A Course in Miracles,” “The Power of Now,” “The Four Agreements” and the works of author “Zig Ziglar.” “They are very powerful books. Everyone should read them,” she promotes.

Two very unique people, two drastically different outlooks on society, yet in both there is an undeniable unity of friendship and mutual respect. There friendship is an example to us all. We don’t have to see the world the same, but we are all in it together.

Monica’s looks a little deeper, “You know how we sometimes hear about the end of the Mayan calendar in December; I think there is going to be a change in global consciousness. It will be the end of the shitty way things are going right now.

I know politically they may get worse and I wouldn’t blame banks. I would say that corporations are a big part of it.

People will realize that they exist, and I think that will help. And if people don’t get on the bus, they will have a really hard time… they might get left behind.

Basically people should stick together and help each other.”

The day is ending and Sharkie and Monica have a date with Spiderman.

Enjoy your movie my friends.