SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 302: “We Are Like Children Now Days”

Young Drake steps to the stage, “Most things that happen in society, and to us, are no big deal; and we always blow things out of proportion. If we just looked over a situation and not react, there would be a lot more peace than violence. We are like children now days.”

Young and pure in intent, many might dismiss Drake’s observation as overly simplified, unrealistic and highly optimistic; but non-the-less, words that have been propelled by a majority of teenagers and young adults throughout the 365 voyage.

Sentiments, that sounding like visionary dreams to write and to read, are not that realistic to apply to the real world. A perspective that far too many adults adapt in quite often ignoring with an endless creation of “You’ll know better when you grow up” thoughts and responses.

But here are the palpable facts that are emerging from our, however infant, but existent, 365 cross-section of individuals: The youth, and a growing percentage of mid adults, are accepting the notion of a closer people. A people who engage with one another, in both disagreement and agreement, a people who in doing so, open the doors to Drake’s dream of “If we just looked over a situation and not react, there would be a lot more peace than violence.

And in his assessment, “We are like children now days,” he does not imply of our inability to reason. Quite the opposite; what I feel Drake is saying is that we, as adults, have the mental fortitude to look beyond the moment… to reason… and to come to a logical and unified consensus. But in his finger point, he calls us to accountability to step away from our fears, from any un-researched assessment beyond any judgment based on hearsay.

Drake is overflowing with well-founded hope. And as an old geezer, I take heed to his view of humanity. Absolutely, Drake speaks of a utopian world, and I see no harm in that. We need kids with this embodiment of spirit. For through their positive eyes and the actions that I am sure they are readying to enact, there is place for the greatest of wonderment.

“My council, if the world will take it…” Drake imagines forward, “…I would see… even as we fight in the future… it would be resolved a lot quicker. And hopefully, that will go along the lines of both the physical and environmental wars. Even the wars going on right now… all the wars between humans, which are literally stupid.

Drake is a Sci-Fi fan and references fiction, “In a utopian society it is usually planet vs. planet… not planet vs. itself. That is in the plot of most sci-fi movies. I think they got it kind of half right…

…The truth of the equation…

…The fighting, we should all just unite as one. Because when people are separated they are weak, but when people come together they are stronger.”

If you are skeptical and afraid of such a straightforward and complicated council, Drake provides us four steps to start the train rolling down the track to peace.

Step One:
Look at people and situations for what they really are… Without any biases.

Step Two:
Before making any decision… make sure to be in a rational state of mind.

Step Three:
Learn from mistakes, either one that you have made or the one’s that have been made throughout history.

Step Four:
Practice ceaseless humility.

Four well structured thoughts… Four admonitions originated in the mind of a young teen. Four concepts, that if owned, could possibly be a key to growing us older folks closer together. Makes us consider who is the child, the old or the young.

They say, “Out of the mouth of babes.”

One may look at Drake as a child, but his mind is sharp and realistically unaffected by the negative hype that runs ramped in many a community.

Drake directs us to mobility in speaking of his four steps to peace. “This is mostly self-improvement… not for the improvement of others,” he expands.

And our minds should be considered our most powerful asset.”

Drake refers to the Doppler effect. “You can change a situation by physically observing and thinking about what the outcome will be.”

Doppler or not, what Drake is illustrating is that we can evoke great change through the act of self-mastery. Mastery of our outlook on the people, and the world we live in.

I’m sure you have experienced times when you received the same emotion you projected, or even thought. Or maybe have been slapped for engaging a particular point of view in you mind, that what you project is what you receive theory. Drake is asking us to think about this in disciplining our minds.

He asks us, “When is enough hate and death enough?”

And he charges us to remember we are a bigger part of this planet Earth than we realize.

May we all choose, as has Drake… our wise beyond his year’s young man… to accept his lecture in taking a breath to monitor our thoughts before we react.

Drake… thank you kindly… Kids like you give us hope that the world is in good hands.