SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 24: The Naked Systems Analyst

This has been quiet a day. Now 11:41pm and finally getting to post my entry. So much today to share, but I’m sure you’re most curious about today’s 365 friend. So tonight, I give you a reprieve from the Radstone day history. Let’s jump right in! Introducing today’s 365 friend.

The set up:
Unbelievable. I actually find a couple of hours to relax poolside. Have a few nice chats, and in small talk with many I notice a through-line of conversation – one that is slowly building momentum, not only poolside, but as I find out speaking in with the girl at Starbucks, has reached deep into the resort’s culture.

It’s a set of questions regarding a regular visitor to the hotels beach. Who is the g-stringed man? And in it there is much speculation: Could he be from France? I think he talks to himself, watch out! He’s a porn star?!

I’m compelled; there is no way I can pass up on meeting the man of such controversy. And being no subscriber to gossip or speculation, the only answer for me is to go directly to the source. And that’s exactly what I did.

Give your warmest regards to Ray, the man of mystery. Turns out he is a very charming and confident nudist – at least as nude as he can be at a public beach. I catch up with him as he humorously poses for a photo-op with another not-so-shy Hawaii visitor. I can tell at that moment Ray does not take life too seriously. He is allowing said visitor to have a photo taken with her hand on his… let’s just say, lower rear region.

The lady is eating it up. She leaves, huge smile on face. Without pause, female two stands-in while her chuckling husband takes snapshot. Another memory for a lighthearted vacationer.

In both cases, he thanks them with the kindness and grace of an ambassador.

Surly he will allow me to take his photo. I step up and invite him to 365.

It doesn’t take any convincing to get our less than speedo covered celebrity to buy-in. I’m serious about the “celeb” status, he is the talk of Hawaiian Village today. With humility, backed by a sincere and heartfelt laugh, he offers all the time I need for a photo and interview. After all, a little extra exposure, no pun intended, is always helpful. And Ray is down for the fun and publicity.

Lets talk about back story, later his backside.
Would you believe it if I tell you, Ray is from New Jersey, possesses a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering and has recently retired from a high position within Northrup Grumman, exiting a successful career as a Computer Systems Analyst? Probably not at first glance.

I know, kind of hard to reflect at questions like that with the view he is providing.

But, never-the-less, this lightly dressed guy is no fool. Truly quite the opposite; an articulate, educated man, living life to the maximum degree.

There is no chip on his shoulder regarding his outlook on life; even if he had one, where would he hide it?

He shares his love of Hawaii, stating, “I will never leave this place,. It’s an endless party.” A claim I’ve now heard made by many of the beach regulars. I give him the credit to own the statement. He trusts me with a few life details, which I keep concealed in respect to him. Details that give him the credentials to graduate to the status of having boast his party rights. The man definitely has earned his flying wings.

There is no malice in his intent and the purpose of his actions is to simply entertain. From what I see he is doing no harm.

To support this statement, even though I do hear of a few hotel patrons complaining of his presence, I witness a greater outreach of those with more playful and appreciative comments about Ray. Like I said earlier, many people posing with him for memories to take home and share. Hat’s off to your courage my new friend. You’re putting smiles on peoples faces.

My eyes are opened as I learn this is Ray’s modest beach attire. He’s much more comfortable at the local nude beaches. “It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve been coming to this beach for reasons of self-promotion,” he says.” Promote what?” I ask. His new hobby-career: Nude Fitness Model (I’m loving this fitness spin).

I’m 50 and this guy has inspired me back to sit-ups and the bench press. (Wish I had his abs). Well, maybe ten more doughnuts and I’ll be there. I think not.

OK! I know! I Promised backside! with Ray’s blessings, “here ya go.”

His closing statement:

“If it’s nude? I’ll be there!”

Ray, thanks for the memories!