SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 229: It’s All About Balance

It’s not often that one of our new friends takes the time to promptly email us their words. And, today is just one of the instances. With that, it would be completely wrong for me to edit or rewrite in any way.

So without further delay, the written words of today’s stranger turned friend John.

“I think one of the things in life that we should seek out is a measure of balance.  Now I believe there are many different avenues to attaining balance, but what I’ve found works for me is through maintaining positivity and having an understanding that we are not perfect but we as a people, are all in this life together, therefore we are united in a manner of speaking, despite our differences.  And I think if we just make an effort to be good to each other and helping each other through this life, we can bring about many positive changes to ourselves, and everyone around us.

However, I think we should also look to bring balance not only to ourselves, but to the world, and all other forms of life that have just as much of a right to be here as we do.  We can get closer to bringing this balance by working together as opposed to competing with each other.  The ideologies of competition, war, and authority are outdated and obsolete because technology has evolved to the point where those ways of thinking are no longer necessary.  I think if we’re able to be responsible and use technology as a means to educate, create, and restore as opposed to impose and destroy, the possibilities for a brighter future for all people is a definite reality.  And when we are able to focus on creating a future for our children and their children’s children, we are that much closer to finding balance.”