SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 220: “I Don’t Walk Around Worrying, I’m Just Concerned”

Here we go with today’s 365 entry, journal style.

Hanging out at the park with today’s stranger turned new friend MC, whom I run into while sharing in the fathers ritual of, “my kids are playing on the jungle gym, time to chill for a minute.”

With one eye guarding his playing child and the other leading in our conversation, MC expresses a few thoughts of advice, observations and concerns.

In no particular order:

“The world is a difficult place right now and I am concerned about the future that my kid will grow up in.”

“We need to keep our eyes on what is going on between Iran and Israel, the tension is so high. If there is going to be a world war… it is going to start there.”

“Live more… laugh more… love more… Would make the world a much better place.”

“To the Middle East… Take some of the clothes off the women. Everyone would be a lot happier.”

“I see a lot more sickness because of the chemicals we take into our bodies as the norm.”

“Because of technology and new medical advancements, many unhealthy lifestyle issues will be masked and fixed. Problems that could be fixed much easier by people just eating and living healthier… But there is too much big business and special interest profit at stake for corporations to change things.

People will continue to eat fast food, and take a pill to fix obesity. They will probably even eventually make a pill that will burn fat.”

“I’m very concerned about the way people are starting to look at each other; the profiling and hatred that is marked towards each other is becoming epidemic.”

“Our vote does count.”

“We should not prepare for the worst, but prepare for what we can do.”

“I don’t walk around worrying, I’m just concerned.”

MC, fun hanging with you this end of day… great wisdoms, but as all good father must do, it’s time for us to play with our kids.

Readers… until tomorrow.