SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 206: “I Want A Chevelle”

“It’s getting too easy for kids,” Cassidy exposes when talking of new technology. Quite a contrast when compared to where I meet her…. at the same cyber café of my friend finding day 186.

Remember the anonymous friends who were watching the back of their young clan member. Well young clan member is Cassidy, and as I promised on March 12, 2012, I have returned to resume our conversations, and with the luck of the draw, Cassidy steps up to talk with us.

“We all need to smile more,” Cassidy charges as she references Buddha, “Do not dwell in the past, do not live for the future, stay in the moment.”

And the moment is where Cassidy dwells. Smiling she shares a youthful goal, “I want a Chevelle.”

“A Chevelle,” I question, “That is a real muscle car, what do you want in it?”

Being a typical guy, I’m thinking engine.

Cassidy cracks me up with her answer. Again with a smile and the greatest of humor, “I radio, doors, steering wheel…”

Now Cassidy knows exactly what I am talking about, she is just being funny. And talented she is. She, the clan and I start chuckling, “Cassidy, what is the rhythm of this song?” Her friends start rifling song titles at her. Titles that are obscure to titles that are mainstream, but in all, she hum’s a few bars of authenticity.

Ah! I get it, Cassidy is an entertainer and it radiates from her every pore.

We talk of life ahead, and again, in perfect youthful style she leaves us hope for the days ahead. “Sure we are going down…. but somewhere it will renew.

All we can do is stay happy and look forward to the future.

And with a little bit of brain effort, we can keep it positive.”

The wind is howling cold, and dinner is on the table… we decide to keep it short.

Cassidy, thanks for your rays of sunshine on this blistering and chilly sunset.

May your Chevelle arrive soon my friend!