SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 178: The Village of Eclecticia

There is land in the center of the City of Angels and in it thrives a small tribe of the greatest diversity. There are but only three gates into its core and surrounding its inhabitants only a small wall protects it from the hustle of a rushing populous of over twelve million.

In it exists an artful people of magical accord, a people who all engage in a unified voice of acceptance and harmonized difference. A stunning culture that everyday celebrates the union of difference and shares an admiration for life’s trials.

Before it flows the concrete river of Etawanda, and life travelers pausing at its banks enter by invitation in escaping a hardened shoreline. Weary City of Angels citizens pass under its winged horse of steel that stands in flight as a crest to welcome all passing under the main gateway on its Eastern boarder.

A silent beat of a drum drives the heart of this hidden providence, protecting it from the ravages of pessimism and divides of culture ramped throughout the metropolis that engulfs it.

Its humble fortifications of concrete and wrought iron require no army to protect all who thrive within its walls. And never will be seen a king entering or emerging from its gates.

Those who visit its central court of stage are entertained to a feast of symphonic individuality and are captured by the silent rhythm of a modulating pulse of pop culture. And those who journey its cityscape or travel through its countryside of spray can color are infected by a heartbeat that cannot be ignored.

Welcome to the Village of Eclectia, and in the citizens of Das Bauhaus.

In traveling its dwellings I meet six of its inhabitants, and of each I ask the 365 questions.
Q1: What words of wisdom, advice or council do you have for my 365 followers?
Q2: Looking towards the future, what predictions do you have, or wishes you would like to share?

Citizen Will:
Q1: The three “P”s: Persistence, Promotion and Plugging.
Q2: There’s going to be WWIII in the next 10 years. The banks have taken over everything. It’s kind of’ like a Ponzi scheme that will escalate into war; it’s going to be a different kind of war, like a cyber-war.”

Citizen Joseph:
Q1: Think globally… Act locally. We are much more likely to have a sustainable result from 100 people giving 5% rather than 5 people giving 100%.
Q2: We can’t accurately predict exactly what will happen. But I can say the pace is getting too rapid. Technology and the Internet was unheard of 20 years ago, we have to be careful to not lose ourselves in it. I’m also concerned about over-population and the way we are educated on a global perspective. I think it is very important to educate people in third-world world countries, especially the women. And we need to embrace each other’s faiths and differences and agree to disagree.

Citizen Michael:
Q1: Step back from your life and look at the things that are of value to you, and realize whether or not, if you are making those things more prominent, or if you are letting the obstacles of the world deny you from expanding them.
Q2: Our species is at a crossroads, and it depends on us as to which way we go. Do we continue the trend of living our life with fear, or do we look beyond that and see the world with love rather than fear?

Citizen Mark:
Q1: There are two kinds of problems; those you can do something about, and those you cannot do anything about. Face the consequences, don’t quibble, just do it, and never take anything at face value.
Q2: 2025? It will be like either being back in the 1850s, or forward in the 2050s.

Citizen Connor:
Q1: Embrace the paradigm shift. The times are exciting, the energy is shifting and people know it. The antennas are picking it up and you can feel it. The possibilities are endless.
Q2: Continued liberation of everything, and there will be more examples of disclosure. There will be a giant boost in confidence and more and more people ready to accept the top being popped-off to a higher level of consciousness.

Citizen Harmony (daughter of landlord Don):
Q1: Make it new and make it fresh; a new perspective on every day.
Q2: I perceive the divide will be extreme. The trajectory I see is: the divides will collide and then they will rebuild.

Fascinating as all the citizens of city Das Bauhaus are, there are two topics that deeply touch my heart.

Harmony speaks of womanhood and the way modern culture, the media and fashion trends have worked to degrade how women are viewed, act and are treated in society, and how the perception of womanhood is skewed towards impossible standards. Having a daughter myself, the conversation is deep in my concerns in regards to the kind of world she will grow up in.

Harmony prompts us to accountability in pondering our perspectives, and responsibilities, as to how we respect women and ourselves.

She hopes for a future where women are looked upon with more dignity for who they are, not the way the media, fashion trends, and the misconceptions of the feminine role tell them how they should look, act or feel.

Joseph shares a similar point in his concern for women in third-world countries, but that is not why I am featuring him. My purpose in speaking of him is a chase for good Karma.

You see… Joseph is dedicated to his family. Seems he has a brother and a sister, both of whom are in foster care. Siblings he obviously loves enough to fight the fight for custody, an extremely long and costly battle, and one that has required him to work three jobs to support. He speaks with no malice, only a peaceful concern to reunite and a drive to do whatever he can to rebuild his family.

I write of this in requesting us all to take a moment of silence for Joseph and his family. And please forgive me if I am getting too new age with this request. But after experiencing so many Zen-like moments in my 365 travels, what the heck! A little good juju can’t hurt, can it?

Talk tomorrow, my friends.