SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 167: A Physical Web

Many say it is a small world, and with the advancement of streaming technology and the instant chatting readily offered to us in the online social realms, our world is getting even smaller. And as we have explored throughout our 365 chronicles, the digital age has connected, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yet at times, as we sit in our spheres of high-tech isolation, we overlook the physical mysteries of attraction and cease to pursue the resulting connections. In some fantastic way 365 is teaching us to look beyond our keypads and racing texting fingers, pushing us to think past our modern habits and to lean on the nostalgia of prioritizing real face-to-face interaction.

Technology is a wonderful thing; it is here to stay and is gaining hold of in our lives at an astounding pace. No stone is void of its impact, from medical to environmental and beyond it has the capability of either edifying us or warning us. Edified through the availability of easily accessible information and voyeuristically safe communication, and warned that we must be aware that we are at risk of creating a world where we are mostly virtually connected and at risk of loosing that which makes us powerfully symbiotic, that being the sensory experience of interacting with humanity in the flesh.

And here is what I am finding out, the physical world has a way of creating its own web, a tangible set of measurable connections that if we allow, guides us all together in surprisingly uncanny ways.

I’m sure you have all had those, “I can’t believe I’ve run into you” experiences. There very strange and unexplainable, maybe it’s a deja vu moment, an unexpected meeting or re-union, but whatever it is, may I propose a deep thought, what if it they are more than coincidence?

Perhaps there are scientific or natural laws of attraction? We’ve heard a few perspectives regarding the topic during our 365 travels, and I’m positive we’ll hear more as we proceed. But lately the premise of attraction has been smacking at me at an advancing pace.

Yeh, I’ve already encountered a few bazaar encounters, like my Hawaii friend Nathan’s link to his cousin who I California interviewed only a week earlier, or the closure between my sister and her first boyfriend (he even lived several homes from my Las Vegas childhood address when I was 8. Ron is his name and after 40 years of curiosity and through a prompting I received to visit his antique store, they both received closure. Or how about as I interviewed our friend of day 156, my running into friend of day thirty-three, over forty miles from where he and I met 123 days prior.

Feasibly, I may just be entertaining a romantic notion, but what if there is a glimmer of truth to this law of attraction? Could there be a physical manifestation of attracted interaction? Or a subconscious and unseen reason facilitating the interactions we find ourselves involved in? A greater reason for life encounters? Possible? But in the end, I don’t know? I’ll tell you what though; I’m at least willing to consider the possibility.

Enter today’s friend, Luigi, a man I run into through a set of connection with 365 friends. I’m walking home from lunch and while doing so run into Alishia, my friend of way back, day three to be exact. We chat for a few minutes, when as we are talking, she receives a call to return home to meet her friends. Now she live blocks from my home, and in my stroll, I again come across Alishia. The friend she is meeting, Hector (actually her cousin). If you don’t remember, Hector is the manager of Follow Your Heart, the man who Corinne (Day 144) referred me to.

With Hector is Luigi, friend of Roberto (the man Hector helped me interview on day 157). And Luigi is about to become friends with us all. What is even more interesting – he is extremely empowered with a shared mission of his own, a mission that is absolutely in tandem with that of 365.

Is this meeting inspired or not? Again, I don’t know, but what if it is? We have to allow consideration, that conceivably, it could be evidence of some type to an invisible magnetic web which possesses real influence to direct us together in a tapestry of connections? And if it does exist, can we learn to listen to it, using it as a tool in linking humanity? An interesting premise, don’t you think?

Luigi is prepping for a bike ride with his friends, and as he prepares we have a casual conversation. Luigi’s personality is a balanced blend of mellow manners and passionate intellect. He holds no punches in his passion for a healthy society and in beginning our interview advises, “Try to unite as best with everybody, we are all one and we are all unique.”

As I mentioned, Luigi is in perfect alignment with the 365 out-reach.

He pauses from his bike prep and looking me right in the eyes, he carries on, “That’s the truth and deep down everybody knows it, but they forget and start doing things that are not supposed to be done. They loose touch.”

The future? Luigi is hopeful, “I know we are going towards a positive change, where everybody will be sharing more, and being able to bypass all the differences.

2012 is here, and it is supposed to be some kind of awakening. Look at all that is happening, disease, pollution and all kinds of terrible things. We have to change. It is obvious that people need to unite as soon as we can.

We need to find out what this earth is about, and need to stop procrastinating in the process of sharing and union. We need to help each other, to respect the planet and to find ways of technology for good,” Luigi platforms.

As he departs for his bike ride, Luigi backs his optimistic prediction with a dose of accountability, “Look at what all the greed of the earth has created. Too many look at self-interest and not the benefits of the sharing process, and money is not happiness.”