SideWalk Ghosts / Day 115: Readers, Thanks For Sharing Your Photos And Announcing “The Where Do We Live” Reach Out.

Thanks to all who shared their photos and words. The whole idea spurred a new component to the 365 journey. That component: Your Photos.

With this discovery came one more spark of inspiration. That spark, “Richard, you need to invent more opportunities for your readers to contribute to the 365 story.”

So here is what we’ll do.

Every couple of months I’ll be announcing what I’m calling: “A 365 Friends Challenge.”

I know, the last minute word portrait challenge was a bit rushed, and I think a little scary for some to photograph a person, but we have to start somewhere.

And we did get a few submissions, all of which I have to say, were amazing.

This time, I’m giving you much more notice for the next challenge, and hopefully, making it a bit less intimidating.

Announcing the “Where Do We Live” reach out.

“What exactly is that?” Good question.

Pretty much anything you want, as long as it is within 3 miles of where you live, and is a scenic or place.

I’m hoping this will open all of our eyes to real people perspectives of the cultures we all live in.

You have one month to submit and will publish the challenge in February.

Below you will find submission information.

Hope you like the idea!

One: Size your photo as close as you can to 600pixels by 450pixels (No more than 1 mb file size), and save them as jpgs.
Two: Title your file to include your Country, City, and the Place your photographed as shown in this sample: country_city_place.jpg

Email your photo to

Here are the last of the photos from the word portrait challenge.

Tomorrow I will be posting one new stranger. Don’t know where I’m going or who I’ll find. Wish me luck!

Talk tomorrow!