Imagine being strong enough to get into college. Not just any college, but a university that takes more than just wishing to gain entrance, but ironically, you find yourself homeless at the same time...

Not just any college, but a university that takes more than just wishing to gain entrance. Imagine leaping all of the hurdles, like exceptional grades, noteworthy SAT scores, dynamic essays, and heartfelt recommendations. You find yourself accepted to a door-opening future, but ironically, you find yourself homeless at the same time.

Not the kind of homeless that you might see under the freeway overpass, but the kind that you never want anyone on campus to notice. The kind of homeless that you go out of your way to disguise so that nobody will ever really know that you’re different. It’s hard enough just being a student under normal conditions – normal as in not having to worry about whether you’ll eat or sleep on a given day, or have a place to put your personal belongings without the fear of them disappearing when you go to class.

But for the one out of ten college students who are actually homeless, surviving school is much more than just passing grades, it’s living under the radar. And despite the incredible odds against them, it’s having the faith to succeed.

Thank you to Faith Counts for your generously funding for the making of this documentary, All at Students 4 Students, their donors, the students who are thriving in their program, Ulf Soderqvest for his amazing camera work, all my crew, Matt Ball for his tireless efforts in being my development, production partner, a plain old good friend; and an endless thanks you to Louis Tse, for without his vision, sacrifice and faith, none of this work would be happening.


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His name is Louis Tse, and with one out of ten university and college students living homeless, he has inspired many a co-student and supporters to build an organization that is truly bettering the world we share. Please say hello to STUDENTS 4 STUDENTS.

Students 4 Students establishes and promotes collaborative shelters for young people, by young people, to end college homelessness.

Our primary aim is to shelter and support college students experiencing homelessness. We also share our model with colleges, universities, student groups, faith organizations and others wishing to replicate our collaborative approach. Our program empowers students who operate our shelter to become the next generation of philanthropists, non-profit, and community service leaders. 

We believe that students should hunger for knowledge, not hunger for food; that students should use their smarts on their books, not on finding a place to sleep. We see hope for strong communities when young people are able to determine their own pursuit of education, not their circumstances. 

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