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By signing up as a Sidewalk Ghost, you become part of a growing community of diverse individuals, who, in our own localized ways, are creating real effect in bettering the way many view and treat one another, and even how we see and appreciate ourselves.

The pledge of a simple smile, a kind gesture, a sincere conversation, a listening ear, a helping hand, a patient mind, a forgiving heart, a considerate thought, or anything that recognizes, or better yet, uplifts those you know, and even those you don’t. Especially in regard to our difference.

The method is quite simple, we publish the total number of how many have pledged to do what they can to contribute to the world around them, or a least take moment to pause in consideration of one another. You benefit by knowing, that in all you do, and who you are, that your singular efforts truly matters in a big way. All of us numbered among positive change-makers who are standing side-by-side in a timely, much-needed, and global outreach: One person, one neighborhood, and one community at a time.

By registering as a Sidewalk Ghost, you are welcomed into a globally growing community of forward-thinking and diverse individuals. Part of a big picture outreach with the potential to grow a very positive and far-reaching effect. You will also be first to receive reports on our growth and effect, special announcements, event information and premier stories.

We Watch Your Back: We do not capture data other than your email, and if you wish, a first name and region (keeps it a little more personal; and being able to share a general map of our growth really helps us all to know how much our individual efforts add up). Also, we promise to not share or sell our mailing list with anyone, EVER.