Freedom of Faith is an open and unbiased window to the soulful human. A series of first-person perspectives of religious leaders, educators, believers, those who worship no particular faith, or even a God at all, that supports an empathetic and compelling thesis. A story inviting its audience to entertain a mindful, much-needed and timely message regarding spirituality and the value of humankind: That as long as a person, group or organization does not forcibly take away, or threaten, the life, security, free-will, virtue, dignity or quests to exterminate another, all people have right to freely worship how, where or what they may; and to live according to, and be accountable for, the dictates of their own conscience and outcome of their deeds.

To foster an open and actionable dialogue between people of diverse beliefs via proposing a compelling challenge: Perhaps it is via the recognition of others individual outlooks regarding faith and the higher power in which they are grounded, that we may better align with one another, and in the process, perhaps even better understand ourselves?

Guided by a set of common questions, Freedom of Faith features interviews with notable religious representatives, people of diverse faiths as well as those with non-traditional perceptions of God or higher power. In each, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions regarding a mix of spiritual outlooks, doctrines, cultures, practices, and lifestyles. Intended to build bridges and foster healthy dialogue, Freedom of Faith aims a fairly represent a well-rounded point-of-view as it examines spirituality and connections to a higher power. Its goal is to stimulate constructive and thoughtful consideration as to how we each view, interact with and treat one another as humans of varied beliefs.