Sidewalk Ghosts / The Tinkerer

“Find something you love to do, and, if you can make a living at it, good for you!”


Smart is an understatement for describing entrepreneur, Curt. A master mechanical engineer, with the credentials to prove it: Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin Space Systems and a who’s who list of contracted clients he was a tireless tinkerer and inventor. He was also an amazing artist, something that instantly came to my attention as he showed me file folder after file folder containing the most amazing product sketches I’d ever seen, some of which I’d been sworn to secrecy.

Of Curt’s childhood, “I spent my time not playing with my toys, but taking them apart.” He remembered, “wanting to know how they worked, I took apart my Transformers and Millennium Falcon. What was I thinking? I lately saw a similar toy, now collectible, selling for $7,000.”

Seems, the $7,000 loss had paid off for Curt. So parents, neighbors and friends, if your kids are tearing their toys apart, there is hope. Buy more toys, give them tools and watch them rip away. Perhaps your kid is a future mechanical master. For me, my girl loves to dance, I simply buy more pointe shoes and tutu’s.

Curt had great integrity, “My Uncle and Grandfather were machinists, I loved what they did, and I’ll never forget them. I’m a family business and am grateful for our growth.”

What he did not harp on were his business smarts. The shop was run well. Incredibly well by a tight team of four: Curt, his Mother, Father and Brother. Being a small business owner myself, and operating with the aid of my wife, I was linked by a common thread, knowing what it takes to keep a small business afloat, and Curt’s operation rocked.

Curt’s Words of Wisdom: “Find something you love to do, and, if you can make a living at it, good for you!”

Talk tomorrow my good friends,


Readers, if you are returning, so nice to be with you again. If you are new, looking forward to getting to know you.

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