Sidewalk Ghosts / Susan – “Do What We Preach”

“If everyone had more of an understanding of other people; and not just trying to thrash them on their beliefs, but just understanding that we are different; and if they accepted those differences, we would all get along so much better.”

We have spoken to thousands of unique individuals since the inception of Operation-365, and in publishing this statistic, it is uplifting to quantify that the greater majority of those interviewed strive to live by a standard similar to Susan’s statement above.

We are a people who, deep down, are not motivated to live by any one standardized practice, common faith or desire to force, or be forced, into one singular politically, religiously, socially or institutionally driven standard. We are a world that is rich in diversity, an ever-morphing community that is limitless in our combined potential to initiate positive change. That is, if we can fully realize the amazing value of one another– regardless of race, gender, creed, argument, outlook or circumstance.

Susan, “life only happens once, try to treat everyone as your friend instead of your enemy; and try to understand other people and where they come from.”

I’ll not sugar coat it. Life is difficult. Governments are corrupt, the self-absorbed prosper and systems are broken. There is poverty, crime, corruption, greed and horrible oppression all over the globe. Heart breaking and tear pulling as it is, there will always be some innocent people who go hungry while the abusers get fat off the land. So we are forced to ask, “How can we stand as optimists when there is so much bad out there?”

Bottom line, WE HAVE TO.

For as Susan brought to our attention, “life only happens once”— a premise, that shared by most religions in some form or another, offers a plethora of value or guilt systems. From reincarnation to eternal progression, life only happens once is a common through-line in basic human belief. The notion that we continue forward is globally established. In this, we are left with two basic questions: One: What do we do with said life, and two, what do we want to take with us as we progress toward whatever our beliefs are of what’s to come?

Susan suggested an answer to the first of the two, “Try to treat everyone as your friend instead of your enemy, and try to understand other people and where they come from.”

She added to her point. “Deep down I think everyone wants to have peace in the world. That would be very lovely, but not that easy.

I’m hoping that in short-term that everyone does follow what they are saying and the wisdom they hope that everyone has. It would be very nice if the world could be in a better place as soon as possible, but realistically, it will probably take a long time.”

“What do you think first steps would be?” I ask Susan.

“Just for everyone to really do what they preach and have that understanding in the back of their heads; and, to not be so controlled by materialistic things or the desire to have more power than someone else.

Need we say more? Susan, thank you for trusting us with your thoughts.

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