Sidewalk Ghosts / Brownyn — “I’m Tired Of The Little Gestures”

“If we are going to change, we have to do more, get involved, and educate ourselves. It is amazing how little knowledge our current people know about the environmental impact of industry and population.”

I was out on a Saturday road trip with my daughter, our destination, Santa Barbara, land of healthy living and volleyball.

It was a lovely drive and we dropped off highway 101 just as sunset hits. My daughter had a plan, a sand crab hunt. Chasing the sun, we raced down Cabrillo Boulevard and settled at the free parking by the volleyball courts.

She grabbed her beach stuff and looked at me, “Dad, your camera bag.” Wow!, at nine she had learned at an early age to push me with the fortitude of a seasoned producer.

She was right, 365 never takes a break, and even thought we were on family time, she made this acutely aware to me, “It’s day ninety-nine, you’re almost at one hundred days Dad. Keep going!”

I accepted her call, and strapped on my forty pounds of backpack for a soft sand workout. On the horizon were several groups of Volleyball games in various stages of play. We saw one group that was wrapping up as the cold evening air begins to take its bite (as much as it could in sunny California.)

We approached the group, and although they seemed interested at first, when the question arose, Can I photograph you? they all declined.

The beach was mostly empty by that time, but there was one figure further down the coast, a man fishing, boat at side. Maybe he would be interested. If not, no worries. After all, it’s family time. So if he was out, I’d find someone later.

The sun was touching the water, and as we got closer to our unknown fisherman, he began to push his boat into the water as he packed up for the day. Oh well, like I said, I’d find someone later.

Here’s one more finding that 365 has taught. It really was directing me, and the more I submitted to it, the more was drawn to me, and that day proved this point.

The moment I acknowledged, not defeat, but acceptance in finding no new friend, a voice struck me from behind, “Hey, we just finished or game, I have a few minutes before we leave, do you still want to interview me. The others don’t want to, but the project sounds very interesting and I’d like to contribute.”

Stepping up was wonderfully energetic and fit Bronwyn. At first words, I really liked this lady. There was a magic radiating from her and at first question I knew why.

It was cold!! and wanting to be courteous to shivering Bronwyn, and without hesitation, I went right into interview mode.

What words of wisdom do you have for my readers? we began.

Even though it was tooth chattering cold, Bronwyn with a huge smile that warmed us all, “That’s easy, spend time outside!”

Bronwyn was magical, and here is my perception to the key of her magic; – she possessed a love for nature and the world around her. With this, it made complete sense as to why she was so radiant; Bronwyn was in her element: The outdoors.

Healthy is an understatement in describing what Bronwyn was like. I’m sure many of you have run on the beach, and for those of you who have not, know that a 100 yard sprint can be a breath taker. In talking to Bronwyn, she was not at all breathless, even after sprinting 200 yards to catch up with us.

It got better. She told me of her career, “Tomorrow I start a new job, so I’m getting in all the outdoor time I can find before I go to the office.” What was that career? How could anyone cage a graceful bird to a cubical existence?

The answer could be summed up in two words, passion and commitment. Bronwyn’s profession? Environmental Economist. The title was way over my head, so we talked about it.

Many of our 365 friends have spoken of a better future for our children. A wonderful sentiment. One that challenges our every action, pushing us to reflect on the impact and consequences of the decisions we make.

“I’m tired of the little gestures.” Bronwyn stated.

“If we are going to change, we have to do more, get involved, and educate ourselves. It is amazing how little knowledge our current people know about the environmental impact of industry and population.”

Bronwyn was not bagging on us, she even said, “I’ve been studying this stuff for years and I haven’t even touched the surface of it.”

What she was saying was this. In my words, Sure, it is a good thing to recycle our plastics. The positive impact of that alone is great. Yes, I realize we are all busy and can’t find time to know it all. Bronwyn even accepts this when she stated, “I have been studying the environment for years, and there is no way I can know it all.”

In her wisdom Bronwyn had challenged us to push a little harder in doing our part.

Perhaps it could be in the form of an educated vote. Maybe a letter to a politician or corporate executive in lobbying for better reforms or initiatives. Or simply, an hour or two a week on Google or other search engines, education ourselves on things we can do in our every day life to help the environment. Whatever it be, I suggest we lean it towards Bronwyn’s wishes for the future.

Those wishes, “I’d love to see a day when we are doing more good for the planet than harm.”

Bronwyn, we hear you about the little gestures, We’ll work to do better in understanding what we can do, and again ask you, my readers, to join in the cause to better our planet and in honoring Bronwyn.

Bronwyn, you have reached out to us in sharing what to you may have thought a little gesture by joining 365. My hope is that your message touches enough of people to become one large gesture that we all can chomp on. TREAT THE PLANET RIGHT.


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  1. …and she has now reached out to many, many more through the power of Freshly Pressed — congrats to you both!



  2. anorwen says:

    Great message in this post. Hopefully at least a few people pick it up as a new years resolution 🙂


  3. servicelearning7 says:

    I love this! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  4. ficfaq says:

    Can’t agree more…great post


  5. Stan Roth says:

    I wish everyone would do their part once in a while and stop taking this “gift” for granted. Keep up the good word, and pushing the message.


  6. Lilian says:

    This whole blog is ace! 🙂


  7. The earth is the most beautiful natural place that God has created. Isaiah 45:18 of the Bible says:

    “For this is what the LORD says— He who created the heavens, He is God; He who fashioned and made the earth, He founded it; He did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited— He says: “I am the LORD, and there is no other.”

    Thanks for sharing. Connie


  8. The Hook says:

    Nothing compares to the smile of a pretty girl! Am I right, ot what?


  9. asoulwalker says:

    I have always thought that taking care of resources is important. I love the beautiful spaces on the planet. I don’t want to see them go or destroyed. I have also noticed that governments are terrible at almost everything they do. Unless you want them to break, kill, or spend– they tend not to be very good at anything. I would love to see the enviornmental discussion begin to explore more ways change and stewardship can be accomplished without or in addition to governments. I know that regulations aren’t enough. At the end of the day that is the best (and you have to be pretty optimistic even then) you can hope for from a government. I am pretty sure everyone likes clean air and beautiful spaces (though obviously some have more of an appreciation for it than others). Change needs to not rely on the government. If it does it will most likely fail. It is a very daunting task but I would love to see more discussion on how people can affect change without (and sometimes in spite of) the government.


  10. yepindeed says:

    found you through Freshly Pressed! Wonderful!



  11. valentinedee says:

    Wonderful story and great message. She certainly reached people here on WP.



  12. natasiarose says:

    We all need to work a little harder at preserving our beautiful planet. Great post!


  13. James Agee says:

    Really insightful post, great quality pictures too!


  14. More people need to pick up after their pets around their city, downtowns and especially the public beaches…


  15. Green Mama says:

    right on target…love going green! Great post!


  16. Wonderful 🙂 that was an inspiring read to start my day.


  17. …………..great !!!


  18. Shaikh Saif says:

    This post is inspirational for me 😀


  19. what a fantastic article…I just stumbled upon it whilst signing into my wordpress account…merry xmas and keep up the good work…


  20. freespirit2 says:

    Love the post and I agree about us all learning more about the planet and pushing further to sustain the beauty of the earth.


  21. dmitry says:

    that’s nice,,keep it up


  22. Really enjoyed your fresh observations and keen intellect.


  23. Ajay R A says:

    good thought!!!


  24. SKEdazzels says:

    Love the spirit of this story. Keep up the good work. Happy Holidays!


  25. Pol says:

    healthy lifestyle is great and promising! Well done.
    I am with my family lyublyuprogulki the woods, and even this year we went to Russia to Lake Baikal. It was great!


  26. Rosy says:

    Very interesting conversation….just like a story.


  27. mavegyver says:

    Really great post and very exciting 365 project. Congratulations to freshly pressed! A great message from a great person. I wish more people would do something to help the planet, but maybe I should just do more as well…..!?


  28. Chaks says:

    I too agree, great message in this post.


  29. itchierfeet says:

    Wow, I really like what you are doing here, well done. I also think your photographs are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing.


  30. Pixie Gaby says:

    Love the post and the idea of your 365. Help the only planet we got is what we all should be doing!!


  31. Purple Rose says:

    Great message!!!! Have a nice day, bye bye


  32. rickquinn says:

    What can I do to help out? This is something I’m passionate about doing as well 🙂

    Also, I absolutely loved everything you’ve written.


  33. This is one of my re-posts for sure! I have been working from a different angle to help people increase their personal power on an energetic level, which in turn helps to create more awareness of how connected we are to eveything that exists. What we eat, what we use, what we THINK, how we FEEL all affect the health of our Earth and of everything that inhabits it.
    A perfect choice for a year end feature on Freshly Pressed! Keep up the great work, both of you! And a big thanks to your family for joining in and supporting your efforts. The key to succes is anything is ASK! Look what a wonderful person and new perspective that gained you and us!
    I hope you don’t mind (and I know you know) me re-blogging this! It fits so well with what I have been learning and teaching. Happy Holiday and The Best New Year to everyone! 🙂 AmberLena


  34. bnoxon says:

    Great post and photos! Your meeting was meant to be…just when you were ready to walk away, Bronwyn chases you down and delivers a special message for us all. I believe she will initiate big changes to our Earth!


  35. What a lovely interview! I am guilty of only making the bare minimum of little gestures–and not even as many of those as I should–so this post is a great wake-up call for me to think about how I can change my relationship with the planet in the new year.


  36. …..What she is saying is this. In my words, “’Sure, it is a good thing to recycle our plastics, the positive impact of that alone is great. Yes, I realize we are all busy and can’t find time to know it all. Bronwyn even accepts this in stating, ‘I have been studying the environment for years, and there is no way I can know it all.’”…..

    Great post, but recycle is not a solution at all! maybe reduce production and consume can be more effective. Think about it! I’m from sicily and everybodies here know that american people are those who consume more than all the others, and not only plastic!



  37. A great, positive message in your post. I LOVE nature and the calmness it brings me. There’s so much to enjoy out there…people just have to make time and step away from material wants in order to treasure abstract experience.


  38. justsmee says:

    This is a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing!!


  39. Such a positive message, thanks for sharing this!


  40. Eva McCane says:

    i commend you! i need to be better. thanks for the inspiration.


  41. I really like this post! Congrats on Freshly Pressed too.

    What a nice upbeat message. Cheers!


  42. phaddman says:

    A wonderful post. Thanks. Our relationship with nature nurtures us more than some of us can realise. Good luck with your project it is a wonderful idea and the energy you are putting into it is bound to help you.


  43. Karmen says:

    Terrific! Inspiring! Motivating! Makes me smile 🙂

    Your post/blog not only make me smile for the moment but, as all good things should, I now desire to join 365 in my own way. Thank you!


  44. suelange says:

    This is the most important thing she said: “spend time outside!”


  45. The story I perceive is all about being RESPONSIBLE. We understand the connectedness or oneness of all things thus we should always be aware of what we are doing- are contributing positively or not? =)


  46. gaycarboys says:

    I recycle and I love spending time outside. I did come across this article in the plastic rubbish floating about in the pacific. 100 million tons of it bigger than continental USA.
    I can’t help but think humans are doing something wrong if something that size and weight had to be “discovered” floating around in the middle of the sea. What’s the matter with us? Your are right about educating ourselves. How can we let things like that happen?:) Thanks for the great posting


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