Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 514: Completely In The Words Of Leonardo

“Because the moment you find your purpose in life is
the moment you will be really free.”

Operation_365_Day514“’I think, to me, probably one of the most important things would be to find your purpose in life, and that’s easier said than done. But I tell a lot of people, ‘don’t settle for what the system is telling you to do – Find your voice. Find who you are, and if you are in the search, the chances that you might find it are greater of course. But, you will find it.’ That’s the thing. People don’t think about this stuff. You know what I mean. Because the moment you find your purpose in life is the moment you will be really free. When you will be really happy, you know.

Most people are miserable because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, that’s the main point really. It’s like, what did you come to this life to do.

The reason why I chose film is because it’s a powerful medium and can spread the word bigger than anything you know out there. With the Salvador war that went back in the 80s, when Oliver Stone came out with the movie ‘Salvador’, is when it actually made an impact. Before that, nobody cared.

The movie that I’m making about the homeless in Los Angeles is part of the environment of Los Angeles. If I were in Ethiopia, it would probably be a different story. It would be a different environment, a different problem.

“What we should be doing now? I think we need to take care of each other. Begin to ‘really’ care for one another; and, if somebody needs help, we should extend our hands and try to help them. I think also it is the whole capitalism mind-set. It takes people away from what is really important. The connection between one another, and it puts the importance more into material things.

I’ve noticed this as I’ve traveled the world. I’ve lived in Europe. I come from South America. I lived in China for a little bit too, and my next set of traveling will be third world countries. I want to see. I want to go places where people don’t take materialism as their survival. The fact is that there is no materialism in some people, and I can guarantee you that they are happier than just having things.

What is having things anyway?

This movie is a great example. Living in the streets. I actually lived in the streets to make this film. I kind of separated myself from everything. I gave everything away to make this film and I was happier. I mean, I was extremely happy! It was just a sense of freedom and sense of peace and sense of love that I didn’t feel in this normal life. When I’m living the normal life. So yeah, just care for one another. I think it will make a big difference.

When we were shooting the film and living in the streets, and I mean we were living in the streets, we had everything. Everything! We’d go to the gym and take a shower at nights, and then go sleep in the car. But that was not the thing. I mean we were not worried about the bills. We were not worried about anything. We didn’t have too many dollars in the bank, but we were not worried about it.

The moment that we decided, and I’ll never forget this moment, we decided we couldn’t figure the movie out at that time, and then we stopped. 2009. It was the moment where everything fell apart for us. Our marriage broke. No more money would come in. I got in debt and it was at this time until 2012 where I gave it another shot to do another edit, and it came out better. Then I sort of put my energy into it and good things started to happen again. Then I stopped again and everything blocked out until now. I’m hoping, let me tell you now, It’s just been pretty hard financially. Until two months ago when I committed the movie again, and when I did, things began coming my way. It’s so crazy.”

“You know what’s funny, talking about that, it’s this kind of wave of energy that we don’t see, but it’s there. The magnetic field is here. We just can’t see it. I was just joking of coming out with these glasses where you can see the energy of people, but that would take out the fun. Yeah… But the idea touches a gray point, which is intuition – The connecting point to what I said before about finding your purpose. It’s connected with listening to your inner voice. That inner voice is the one that knows it all. It’s the one to tell you what to do, and what not to do.

I’ve done some crazy stuff. I’ve lived in Europe, I speak four languages, and in all that I’ve done it is because I’ve always listened to my inner voice. Before I even realized I was listening to anything. I never stopped and think about it. Listening to your inner voice is an art, because it comes so subtle. Fainted, and it’s up to you to know that’s the voice talking to you. How do you perceive it? It’s very tough and the only way you can do it is by listening, and it’s not only by listening, it’s about acting on what the voice is telling you.”

We need to get out of ourselves. That’s another thing. The moment you begin to give, the moment you begin to get out of your own soul, all the things that go through your mind; all the devil’s that fight you all the time, but if you only do one act of kindness. Only one. It is like taking a pill. One act of kindness through somebody else is like taking a Prozac. So, it’s crazy right? When you think about it you want to help more people. If you help more, then you feel more, and you feel yourself more.’”

What if each of us reached outside of our regular circle of
friends and interacted with someone we’ve never noticed before.

We invite you to be part of a community building effort by offering a simple smile,
a sincere conversation, a helping hand or anything that influences
the people around you in a positive way.

Then, let us know how it affected you (or even those you interacted with) and
we’ll share the combined experience with the world.

The more who participate… the greater our awareness of each other becomes.

“Every day of every year, our individual impact truly matters to someone in the world.”
—Richard Radstone, founder Operation-365


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