Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 512: “Do Angels Speak Russian?”

“I wish love on the world…”

Every once in a while you just meet those special people; the quite ones, who, for whatever reason, radiate a peace that speaks louder than words. Whether it be language barriers, shy nature or as some might label, introverts, their presence is captivating and impossible to ignore. Today I met such a person, and touched I am.

Through broken words she speaks little. Probing her very responses to the questions Operation-365 proposes. Yet behind her deep Russian dialect can be seen and felt the heart of an angel. Something that I am happy to share with the world as I forward her simple, calm and succinct advice: “I wish love on the world.”

Valentina, thank you for gracing our lives, and yes, we will carry your message forward.

Talk soon my friend,


What if
each of us reached outside of our regular circle of
friends and interacted with someone we’ve never noticed before.

We invite you to be part of a community building effort by offering a simple smile,
a sincere conversation, a helping hand or anything that influences
the people around you in a positive way.

Then, let us know how it affected you (or even those you interacted with) and
we’ll share the combined experience with the world.

The more who participate… the greater our awareness of each other becomes.

“Every day of every year, our individual impact truly matters to someone in the world.”
—Richard Radstone, founder Operation-365


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