Sidewalk Ghosts / The Power of One: “I Am Curious Of Personalities…I Like People…”

“After I interacted with the person I felt Improved… Happy… Connected.
Anita… Riga, Latvia

Riga_LatviaI call us 365rs. The you’s and I’s. The Living, breathing people from every corner of the planet, who like Anita, united have potential bandwidth to sustain a visionary and empowering movement. One that, 365 days each year, has potential to grow us together in equal stake as we live within the circles of our own influence. The us, joined in global activity, where every moment of every year, we open our eyes, hearts and mind to the silent majority. The every day people living everyday lives. A vast and diverse population, who combined, can carry fourth the willingness to harness the best potential of mankind as we look past the walls that divide us.

“I reached out through Interaction or conversation,” Anita reveals as she shares her story of how the “Power of One” challenge affected her.

“’In the morning while I was going to work I was thinking, ‘interesting how much people I met in one so-called …quiet work day and from where they come.‘ I even don’t know from where this thought came (Leva, you know that I am able to invite and do many crazy things to make my day not boring and to have fun).

“So I decide to make some statistics during my work day. I counted all people with whom I talked, and asked all of them where they come from or what nationality they are. So this is data of what I get.

“’Today I met and talked with: 36-Russians, 9-Latvians, 6-Americans, 8-Italians, 27-Germans, 5-Netherlanders, 4-persons from Switzerland, 1-Mexican,1-person from Philippines, 11-Spainish, 2-Turk, 5-Czech, 4-persons from Poland, 7-Sweedish, 2-Norvegian, 6-Finnish and 1-French. So in common today during work time I interact with 135 persons who have 17 different nationalities. I didn’t think that persons would be so responsive and have so much fun with me with this questioning. 7 of them told me their life stories. It’s amazing what you can get out from people only with 1 simple question. During all this ‘experiment’ I find out the oldest person who I met today was lady age 85 and her husband who is 92 years old (they told me this by themselves-I even don’t ask)!!! When I saw this man I thought to myself… ‘OMG,’ is something like this possible??!! At age 92 to travel around and be in good mental and physical state, in fact, it was the 1st time when I saw so old person in real. It’s amazing; besides, I make some cultural exchange and get some positive charge from all these people. They all are open, smiling and happy…it’s like never-ending festivity; and, it was only one quiet workday…’”

Anita you have inspired us, and by the looks of it, 135 other people, who without you, might have missed out on the connecting power you so thoughtfully shared.

When I first approached someone I was Optimistic, comfortable, confident. At Peace,” you write.

“After I interacted with the person I felt Improved… Happy… Connected,” you resolve.

Anita calls it “a never-ending festivity, and, it was only one quiet workday.”

The question is thus served. Again, our ever exposed: What If?

What if, as did Anita, we raise of faces towards each other to at least look? From there may we simply listen, and over time that perhaps we may begin to feel.

We are truly we, the silent majority, and combined, may we view each other on equal footing and, as Anita has so eloquently proven, walk ahead aware… even connected.

Anita: A most sincere thank you for keeping the “Power of One” moving forward. You have inspired us all.

What if
each of us reached outside of our regular circle of
friends and interacted with someone we’ve never noticed before.

We invite you to be part of a community building effort by offering a simple smile,
a sincere conversation, a helping hand or anything that influences
the people around you in a positive way.

Then, let us know how it affected you (or even those you interacted with) and
we’ll share the combined experience with the world.

The more who participate… the greater our awareness of each other becomes.

“Every day of every year, our individual impact truly matters to someone in the world.”
—Richard Radstone, founder Operation-365


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