Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 507: “The Contender”

“Love is a verb, a decision to make something,” —Carolina

I stood ringside as she warmed up, her trainer leaning into thundering right hooks and blurring jabs. Power an understatement; and holding the world number two ranking as an amateur kick boxer, she has right to claim the title champion. Like a bull she hits and with the precision of a warrior she moves. Yet in her is something much greater than that of any title. More persuasive than the glory of unanimous decision, and brighter than any golden belt. She is a woman of great faith: A glowing child of God, who under the roar of spectators on feet, looks at the world with the most divine of nature. Yes, she is a champion of the greatest kind, for in her can be seen a window to a world of “what is right.” A smiling, soft and quite glimpse into a heart, that although well-trained for battle, is focused on a much broader picture.

For in the eyes of Costa Rican born Caroline is a depth that is hard to express in words. “In Costa Rica we hug,” she says as she greats me, and all who are so captivated by her very presence. It’s strange that in a sport perceived as a mangle of blood and fist, such a peaceful soul can exist, and more profoundly, flourish.

“Love is a verb, a decision to make something,” Carolina positions. A decision that has not only grounded her focus as a world-class athlete, but one that she openly wears on her skin in all that she does.

Is she for real? Some might ask. Can she go the distance? The critics may rally.

All I can say is this. Directly quoting from the corner of Carolina, “If you have love in your life, I think you have everything.”

Carolina, you truly are a contender of the richest kind.

Keep fighting the good fight my new friend.

Find out more about Carolina at Meet the Mormons

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