Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 505: “Chalk Angel”

“’Nothing is impossible. The word is ‘I’m Possible.’” —Audrey Hepburn

It was June 17 when her sidewalk voice vicariously healed me: A day too busy to fulfill all on my plate, and one where I was feeling rather alone and stressed.

“You are alive, and everything is possible,” the sidewalk whispered, as I read the wisdom of Thích Nhất Hạnh chalked under my sun burned feet. The author of his words fading to the point of blur. Words that had captured me to rest my chest in letting go of a bad start to what ended up being a good day.

24/7, 365 days a year, Operation-365 is a growing and forward thinking online outreach. A living, breathing society of people from all circumstances and mindsets. A portal into the joys, fears and lives of all who wish to share their wisdom with the world.Who chalked the council? How could I thank them? In what way could I return the favor? For several months the answer eluded me. Curiosity plaguing my mind every time I passed the park where I first partook of the sprinkler washed wisdom. The smudged chalk hashtag not having name or audible voice. Blinded was I to the creator of this healer of chalk; that was, until today.

They call me “Chalk Angel,” Sayde smiles as she tells me the origin of her assigned title. “That’s just what people started calling me, and I guess it stuck.” Full of warmth and pure joy for living is the only way to describe her. Sayde sparkles that special glow of happiness. She is real. Pure. Radiant. Shining tall as as a humble tower above the buzz of any celebration or quest awards and accolades. Sincere, caring and looking at the world is she, and it is apparent that her heart is filled with selflessness. A genuine want for good will toward her fellow human. A divine angle she has been labeled, and her being is magical. Infectious. Yes, angelic; and to have the privilege of spending a morning with her is more than a temporal gift, it is to stand face to face with absolute virtue.

Angel they call her. Yet from no lofty cloud or through beam of light does she appear: Gentle and quite are her works, the sidewalks her messenger. Pools of muted color that rise from the wear and tear of well-traveled grey. Subtle. Soulful as they raise the transposed wisdom from the greatest philosophers and humanitarians: Agents who, over the course if history, have campaigned to subdue the wicked, corrupt and immoral; some even sacrificing their very lives in the cause of bettering the world.

Like a facilitator of peace, Sayde uplifts and inspires us all as she tirelessly reminds us of our potential as human kind. Unyielding in her efforts, her soft letters are there for all who walk head down through urban jungles. A ministry of pastel that stands constant to the fulfillment of a singular mission. To let us all know, “we are OK and we matter.”

“You can make a difference. Even if it’s just one other person, and the other person touches one other person. It just takes one, and one turns into a million…” —Sayde

To read more about Sayde’s work, check out her Facebook at

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