Sidewalk Ghosts / Article: “The Society Of What’s To Come”

There is a new millennia ahead and we are active participants as to
“the society of what’s to come.”

We are We 1200

I’m the laptop guy. The writer. The artistic iceberg in the center of an ocean of people. To the right of me: two boys, their sibling rivalry represented by opposing major league baseball caps they are wearing. Straight-ahead: a mom reclines, texting in silent bliss as the world rushes around her. A son sits next to a father as he too rifles through the screens of mobile connectivity. And here I am, in my own cocoon of modern-age circuitry.

Millions of interactions a day rip through our webs of unseen faces. URLs become physical residences, hash tags our address, and the statistics we so addictively monitor rise to replace the once social gatherings we now crave.

We are silhouettes. Shadows of profiles and photo galleries—and even though we so loosely publish an endless stream of personal information, we are unaware of each other. Favacon (Avitars) ghosts passing in “Tron” like hallways. Talking to hundreds, acquainted with only a few.

I know, a poetically dark intro from an admittedly optimistic guy, but I promise, in it there is an uplifting message if we look beyond the exactness of the words.

I do love the blessings that our expanded tools for interacting have brought us, and I use the word “expanded” purposefully. Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, YouTube and the host of other platforms which have opened our eyes, and mailboxes, to each other. In the most remarkable way our world is irrevocably shrinking and the possibility to let the planet know who we are, and what we have to say, is ever-expanding.

So yes, I’m adapted, fully in, and typing away in my own invisible tent of blogging nirvana this day.

So, why the mixed message?

Back to my opening observations: a room full of people and what catches my eye are the few disconnected who are living in the virtual world. Myself included.

For years I’ve been talking to strangers; publishing their stories and writing articles on the effects of this outreach. A 365 mantra has been born, “’We were once ‘Strangers…’ now we are ‘Friends.’” The most recent incarnation being, “The Power Of One Is Remarkable.”

Statements that direct each of us toward each other— the very essence of the dream that lies in the valley of Operation-365.

I’ve dug in my heals, doing all that I can to form an entry point were we all feel safe to share. We have challenges, we have contribute options, we have virtual interviews; and, best of all, we have each other to learn from.

Slowly and steadily the dream is growing. From 100s we have grown into 1000s. Before our eyes a global community is being born, a people who are awake and alive in raising their chins up to greet the world. Embracing it with outstretched minds, hearts and actions.

In September we will be reaching our 3-year anniversary since the beginning of our journey. Almost 2,000 subscribers have joined us, and every time a new friend signs on, I see it as a flash that Operation-365 is making an impact for someone, somewhere.

I’ll be transparent in saying that the weight of this outreach has been substantial. The toll on my family time and financial stability always at risk, but stop I cannot. Our mission is far too important to turn back. Yet I do admit, I’m at the point of deep immersion and I am openly reaching out for you aid.

I am flattered by the many comments I get regarding our stories and of our mission. That in itself is very rewarding, but in respect, as well as through a desire to broaden the voice of Operation-365, I reach out to you in sincerely asking for your experience and wisdom. Operation-365 is here to serve and inspire you. To be a portal where we can all safely listen to each other, to share with each other, and to inspire each others actions as we know of one another. A purpose that I see as the silver lining in the digital world that Operation-365 channels through.

We are we, I often state. A truth that is greater than any posted recipe, any mobile trivia, or any of the media-bashes that are so forefront to the addictions that draws us into our face down postures. Again, I do include myself in the equation.

Expanded we are. Connected in new ways we stand. A future unfolding beneath every keystroke, posting, like and share. Tools that, if grasped responsibly, have the power to guide us with a brightness the likes of the North Star.

There is a new millennia ahead and we are active participants as to “the society of what’s to come.”

I ask you to raise your chin for a moment. To look upon you fellow human with outreached mind, heart and hope. For no matter what our circumstances, we truly are we: human to the core.

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