Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 486: “Water Balloons?”

Sometimes we have to put our technology down for a minute, to let our minds work again.” —Jennifer

IMG_2185I’ll be transparent, feeling fatigued, a little tired as I author todays entry to Operation-365. The week has been a busy one. Not to complain, we all have hectic lives, but as I’ve confessed, I am a little fatigued at the moment.

Over 800,000 words have we created since the beginning of Operation 365. In excess of 500 photos have we published, many from me, yet more inclusively, from you–the friends of 365. I call us 365rs, and with our updated portals of Interview-365, challenges and contribute, we are looking forward to more of your input in our years ahead.

My glass overcoat is on, my exhausted day has been exposed, and although my entry might be rather short, I’m trying to speak volumes of words in inviting you to share what you can in growing our community. Yes and absolutely, we want to hear from you. Your words truly matter to all who read, view and listen of them. The more we look at each other, the greater our empathy and knowledge of one another–a most beautiful thing indeed.

Jennifer is her name, and with her daughter Maddi, she speaks to us of lessons learned and of lessons reminded.

“I forgot my cell phone today…” Jennifer reveals, “…but I played with my kid more. Sometimes we have to put our technology down for a minute, to let our minds work again.”

 Now I love my iPhone, my laptop and all the tech that is allowing us to connect in this 365 endeavor. But as Jennifer reminds, and at the core 365s mission, her call is for good cause.

Sure the stream of digital bliss brings us connectivity as well as an endless source of information. It is literally redefining the way we learn, do business, socialize and even pick our mates (how crazy is that). All rants that you have heard from me, and I’m sure others; and please know, that I am not criticizing the world-wide-web and all it is bringing to us–I embrace it. But also know that I do so with conditions. Just as Jennifer has warned, “To let our mind work.”

Let our mind work? A curious statement: One that deserves deep consideration. Doesn’t that mean to be inquisitive, to search, to study and experience? Wouldn’t that correctly support and justify all the time we spend in online research? Can it be possible that the more we view the world with the blessing of quick computer access, the greater our awareness of issues and advancements of the people living on good old Planet Earth. Of course the answer is a resounding yes. It’s just we have to realize the darker side of the equation: The possibility of isolation ourselves from the very people we are striving to know.

Chin up and eyes open to the world, we charge forward as a whole: The call to action that has driven Operation-365 to the point we are at. The basis to our blossoming society of the awakened, the engaged and the involved. The face-to-face stuff that can only be experienced in the day-to-day interactions with the walking and talking around us.

Jennifer cites a sobering observation. One that tempers my enthusiasm for overindulging in the child care of MineCraft, the lure of online tutorials, and even my use of the research addicting Google, YouTube and other sites the likes of even my own Operation-365.

“We have to hang out with our kids more…” Jennifer advises, “…they are the future of our world. Their growth and development is so important to what our futures are going to be.”

Like a looping sound track we have heard the same call over and over. In many a tongue and from many a culture this simple council has been spoken. An admonition that has the ability to both comfort and stress the way we plan and navigate our daily living. Many of us have it down and many of us are struggling. Just making ends meet is pull enough for us to find ourselves disengaged, not to mention (and as selfish as it may sound) finding our own quite time.

We walk and talk a little more. I forgot to tell you, I’ve met Jennifer and Maddi as my friend (Gwen) and I are leaving an outdoor concert. So it is amazing in itself that in a crowd of thousands, and for whatever reason, we are drawn together to chat as we walk for our cars.

Jennifer talks of Karma, “What you give you is what you are going to get. What you put into life is what you’re getting out of life.”

Another to the point reasoning; a suggestion that has manifested itself thousands of times during the last three years of Operation-365, and although stated in many a form, it is a more than a dreamful wish. It is a fact that has been proven by all who have accepted the challenge that 365 offers. Again, chin up and eyes open to the world.

Maddi takes the stage in offering a few of her youthful wisdoms, “Love Mommy, take care of the Earth and her favorite word (well maybe two) water balloons.”

At the age of an enlightened five, she offers a final point-of-view; a single word that has the healing magnitude of unlimited potential. A benchmark to not only a better family perspective, but a gauge to honorably read in all that we do. With youthful zeal Maddi giggles a little, looks at Jennifer and stages her closing finale, “Sharing,” she smiles as mom picks her up for a hug.

I am awakened.

Jennifer, Maddi, Gwen–thanks for spending this evening sharing with us, I am no longer fatigued. Oh, per that “and although my entry might be rather short” statement, never mind, looks like Jennifer and Maddi have taught me well.

Talk soon my good friends,


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