Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 480: “All Is Sacred, All Is Living”

“Five and a half years ago, before I let go of material possession and accepted the call to travel, I just had this overwhelming realization. This overwhelming feeling of love, it came to me in such a simple little truth. But, I had to write down.” —Sean

_64A0696“’It came from such a state of being, at the point of breaking down. Really, and just crying out. I found this immense peace through that, and I wrote it down: ‘Love, and you will be loved.’”

“It really is, for me, about transcending all aspects of fear rising up out of that vibration of love. Surrendering to love. Choosing to love.”

Love thy neighbor, love thyself, love those you fear, live to love, love conquers all, all you need is love… From the Beatles to The Dali Lama to Eros the meaning and result of love has ever been pounded into our minds. A topic for conversation; a motivator for life choice; the reason for many a battle and many a resolve; the very core need that is common to all who live, eat and breathe.

So why is it that the very mention of it can cause much skepticism and question? People talk of pure love, yet as they do, many attach heartstrings of expected and predetermined outcomes. Outcomes that when not met, pierce the very souls of the giver or recipient. Better yet, what about the manipulators of love. The person’s who calculate and use the term as a bargaining tool to capture the lonely or vulnerable. I could easily author pages of pros and cons regarding the meaning of love, and after speaking with 1000s of stranger, I’ve heard a vastness of viewpoints, enough to begin an eternal discussion.

Love. A word; no, an action; no, a human necessity–a one syllable expression that translated universally is worthy consideration for reflection by any of us living on this injured and pained world.

I’ve never denied, I am an optimistic realist. So in speaking of love, it is hard for me to write lightly of such a powerful force. For to slip into my rose-colored glasses would be a great disservice to such a globally common need.

Sean closes his eyes, reflective. Seemingly taking in the world trough the literal Oxygen of the air. “There is a governing force all around the world.” He soulfully shares in a soft and peaceful voice. “If we surrender to our heart, drop the mind to the heart. In all of our thoughts; our actions will come to the mode of compassion.”

I am stricken at my emotional core by Sean’s deeply felt convictions. How can I not, he is part of a sacred community; a society of faith, a people of great peace; a spiritual culture with the strongest regard for all living things inhabiting this planet earth: The Hare Krishna.

Two days ago Devotee Eric extended a warm, wise and open armed acceptance in sharing his philosophies on a number of topics. I was overwhelmed by his kindness, his clear eyes of rationale, and more astonishingly, the unity felt by all who gathered around us for a Sunday meal shared.

_64A0707I could have easily interviewed everyone in attendance. No walls were present. No head to toe scans were felt, and no smile was left unreturned. I love these people.

What! Did I say love? Aren’t you being a little hasty Mr. Richard? You don’t even know these people!

Sean can answer better than I. “We already know in our heart if it is between right and wrong. If we surrender to that love, then our actions will become more compassionate as well.”

Bcam_MVI_0002.MOV.Still002Devotee Eric pops into our view (Interview 479). “Here is a little something sweet to take back to your family.” He hands me a couple of nicely wrapped deserts, smiles and quietly walks away. Sean and I resume our conversation.

I take a taste, turning back to Sean, I ask. “If you look ahead, what do you think we should do as a people?”

Again, he closes his eyes and breathes.

  • “Start riding our bikes”

Eyes Close

  • “Talking to all of our neighbors”

Eyes Close

  • “Becoming more vulnerable”

Eyes Close

  • “Speaking our truth, not holding our tongue”

Eyes Close

  • “Valuing nature to a very high degree”

Eyes Close

  • “Taking ourselves out of the center; we are all one; one human family. Open up and see how we can be of service”

Eyes Close

  • “Cut plastics out”

Eyes Close

  • “Move towards a vegetarian diet. Its been said and I believe that it true, war will not stop on the planet until we stop war against our brothers and sisters, the animals. If we could all move towards a vegetarian diet, that would have huge implications worldwide. Our mode of compassion towards all life; love towards all that is. Seeing life as sacred. Seeing all situations as sacred”

Eyes Close

  • “Love, and you will be loved. So whatever we are radiating out to the universe, we are simultaneously receiving. You pass it on”

He looks at me with his peaceful smile and I am lost for words, he has summed it up nicely. My well filled, I take a second bite of my treat, “Sean, can I grab your picture?”

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chaise Lawrence says:

    Love and light to you older brother.

    Love and LIGHT.

    This made me feel like he was sitting right in front of me.


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