Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 475: “You’re Never Actually Alone”

“I would probably say that no one is ever alone. It’s like there is always someone out there that is willing to help you…” —Eva

_64A0391At 15 years Wise, Eva is one of those kids that walk with a special depth of knowledge. A life experience that can be seen in the very center of her eyes, and like many a teen, she is a little reserved around me at first meeting. Not shy, not disinterested, nor aloof in any way. Just pulled back, cautions and not forthcoming in engaging with me.

Admittedly, Eva intimidates me at first. And not wanting to be a stress factor to the relationship between she and her mother (Jordan), I nervously speak about myself (almost to nausea). She bears with me, giving an occasional head nod.

We find a shady spot under a few trees, and with an unsure feeling as what to say to Eva, I begin setting up a shot. Not one of my best compositions and audio, I’m a little off-balance in my creativity, concentrating on how to let Eva know I am a friend.

I set the final camera settings and turn the time to Eva. Without hesitation she begins to share a point-of-view that is focused toward the world around her. My heart is warmed as I realize the depth of her intelligence. Articulate and thoughtful in her words, Eva takes me by surprise in her outwardly perspective. My fear in interviewing her subsides and for a while she shares her wisdom. I loose track of who is teaching who.

Eva is one half of a mother daughter duo. A situation that I know some of you may understand. I won’t go into great detail as to the whys of their situation. Jordan will be sharing some of that with us later this week. But one thing I can say is that every time I meet with a single mom and child, I am awed by the connection I see. For in Eva and Jordan is an energy that is hard to express.

Yes, there is that wonderful teen / parent stress happening, something that I am learning to accept as I too enter the teen years with my child. But in between Eva and Jordon can be felt a remarkable tie. A connection that radiates a bond of surviving past experience; experiences that might even break the spirit of some.

Yet in Eva’s youthful delivery of council can be witnessed a infectious warmth of countenance. A powerful hope and a compassion for the world around her that is remarkable for a young girl of 15.

Eva, we thank you for bravely opening your heart to us, and as you have suggested: “We’re never actually alone.”


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