Sidewalk Ghosts / Article-365: “The Season Is Changing”

The weather is clearing and as the sun rises, my heart rate is fluctuating; climatically speaking, a metaphor for the shift that Operation-365 is going through.

Explained better, every day’s entry is going to be a little different from here forward. Some days you’ll be viewing O365blogumentary video interviews of strangers, others will bring you strangers meeting photo essays and articles from yours truly, and for others, my hopes are for more Interview-365 submissions from you.

A lone tree on a meadow at sunrise, idyllic, fabulous landscapes

The overriding goal of the above intro–I’ll make transparent: A dream to grow Operation-365’s boarders by opening the 365 doors to all who wish to contribute. In saying this, over the next few weeks we will be re-launching our challenges as well as opening a portal where all are invited to submit content. Like I said, “The season is changing,” and just like dawn of spring brings new light and fresh air, so too is this next chapter of Operation-365.

I’m certain our growth will be gradual, conditional not only on your involvement in the interactive choices Operation-365 will soon be offering, but by the very level of engagement and outreach you wish to put forth in the building of our diverse community as you subscribe, refer and greet the world around you.

I dream of a day where we have 1000’s of subscribers and are a large enough community to effect charitable works as well as influence positive outlooks in the way many look upon, listen to and choose to enhance the world around them.

A quietly bold revolution is ahead, and like a calm in the storm it is palpable to the heart. War like it is not. Death and destruction yields not from its pressing forward, and families destroyed does not it leave in chewed up earth.

We are we; and, as we raise our chins to interact with each other, fingers typing on-line or feet planted as we walk with each other on soil, our individual power is remarkable. The key questions, “what is the purpose in our hearts?” and once found, “can we harness it for the right purpose?” The dream I dream is that with the unstoppable resonance of the largest turbine, that we combined, can roll ahead in warming the hearts, minds and souls of all who wish to place their cheeks against the hum of the energy that together we are creating.

The world around us is hungry to hear. Tired of the ceaseless arguments of pros and cons of website this, blog that and social media what. It is easy to understand why. How could we not? Far too many of us are numbed to the cerebral cortex by the endless blings, beeps and vibrations that our mobile devices flare on every new and incoming story. We are exhausted, frightened and manipulated. It’s no wonder we are rapidly loosing our trust as we retaliate by beefing up firewalls, carefully govern what we share, and look for the hidden agenda to a very sophisticated generation of new marketers–the very privacy that as humans we all have right to is being shamelessly exposed to the highest bidder. So of course we are reactionary. Protective of self and skeptical of how is it really at the other end of the keyboard.

Yet on the other hand, if we let fear get the best of us, if we buy into the numbing of values and self-esteem that many a digital info stream forces in our face. If we say there are far too many millions that are lost in face to the floor mobile device disengagement on a monumental scale. Then perhaps we have taken a back seat in standing strong to, at least, unite in publishing edifying content to the bandwidth that is now so easily assessable.

Know that many a comment on Operation-365 has brought us closer to those we would have never had chance to hear. Many an experience shared has brought a healing tear to the eyes of the pained, and countless people have looked into the every core of each other in realizing we are all equally human.

It is through this positive dialogue, not always agreeing, but leaned towards respecting, that our numbers continue to gradually creep towards the sky; something that I will always be grateful for. But more effectively, a knowledge that keeps me burning the midnight oil in doing all that I can to activate us as a whole.

Within a short 3 years a thesis is being proven: That it is possible to create a virtual society of living, breathing and diverse people. Individuals of the greatest diversity. All gathered together in a spirit of listening. The beauty of it all, we are only beginning to gain our momentum and who knows what our ultimate and combined works will accomplish.

So yes, I embrace this digital age, and despite the constant battle of trashy content, trivial conversations and exploitive narrative that abounds in the halls of hidden faces, I raise my shoulders to the square in proclaiming to the world.

Together our message is clear and united our task is at hand. In it, may we awaken as a city of global scale as we populate the culture we are calling Operation-365.

“We are we, and our individual power is remarkable.”

Talk soon my good friends, may your works bring joy to all you encounter.



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