SideWalk Ghosts / Article-365: “BELIEVE”


Wind blowing through an open window drapes me in a cool breeze. Calm light and diminished noise pulls my eyelids over dry eyes, and the world around me (at least for a moment) has become a matter of inner reflection. I question my part in it, as well as the results from 3 years of Operation-365. That, added to my endless review of how 30 years working in advertising and communication has impacted my self-being, sobers me in entering this journal.

At times I think of a new label for myself: “The most social hermit in the world.” A title that in some ways leaves me feeling protected and at peace (thinking of no longer having to battle the jungle of interaction within the buzz of a rushing society); yet, in considering this notion of hermitism (indulge me, I like to invent words from time to time) I am equally driven to claim the other side of my conflicted mind waves. A rationale that is cornerstone to the very reasoning behind my writings; namely, a desire to be heard linked to the need to hear from you, the community of Operation-365. The literal founding grounds that, in September 2011, began this crazy quest to simply listen to, act upon and follow through on a dream that has been blossoming in my heart all the way back to my formative years. A dream that is most likely common to all of us; that being, to simply be heard, to be understood and to be respected for the humans that we are; a dream that has manifest a place where my extroverted self cannot be stalled­– again Operation-365.

I lay here, arising from this drowsy state, thinking, reflecting, and with a clarity that only comes while in this transcendental position I see a silhouetted outline of you, the unknown strangers in the shadows of life. My eyes are opened (even as they are veiled in the skepticisms of life experience); my hearing is heightened (although ringing from the battles of public opinion and recourse); and my heart is calmed (despite the constant nag of society screaming at us all to “watch your backs!”).

Ostrich am I not. My head is raised. Not buried in the comfort of downy (I mean memory foam) pillow, and as I recline in reflection, no introspection, I realize that hermit I am not. Nor stranger are you; a fact evident by the very acceptance that you are reading this entry and considering its implications.

Yes the running of Operation-365 is daunting. I confess fatigue here and there. I admit that when our traffic is in its valleys I experience bouts of doubt in the sustainability of our cause to unite through our diversity. All shoulder weights that were the very motivator pulling me to fall into the net of a Chromosome Y check out nap this day.

But I’m wide-awake now, inspired by visions of the many strangers who bravely step up to share with us. Those who let us see and hear who they are; those around the globe who grow our community of strangers by opening their hearts in following, liking and subscribing to what we are saying; those who affirm us as they comment to our stories and to those who continue to participate in our online Interview-365.

If ever a grass-roots movement, we are one. Sure, we are blog in origin, but our potential to affect many an individual, and even community, is unrestrained and in its infancy. So as I come to consciousness and re-energize from my 84 minutes passed out couch time, my focus is regained.

To all of us, in the words of Sophia, yesterdays “Stranger…” now “Friend:” BELIEVE.

Talk soon my good friends.


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