Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 398: Benny “The Jet” Asks, “What Stops You From Your Better Self?”

Do you fear your anger? Do you fear not having control? Do you fear of loosing control? Do you fear of being judged..? —Benny “The Jet” Urquidez

When you first meet him it is hard to look into his gaze. His history reads as who’s who list of martial arts and film credits (check out his IMDB). Just observing the poised body language he carries might make a person or two somewhat intimidated to engage with him as his eyes pierce deep into their subconscious.

At first I try to look away as I talk with him, but there is something too hypnotic in his expression to ignore. My role is to interview him, and for a brief moment I catch myself speechless, caught completely off guard, and not sure how to loosen my fears in getting to know him.

So I ask, a little wobbly, in anticipating a response, “Are people intimidated by your eyes?”

He smiles, “A lot of people say that,” and the ice is broken.

Benny is his name, rather “Benny The Jet,” an honorary title he has earned after decades of blending his authentic spirit of compassion to a field that can only be expressed as warlike. But The Jet is not a war searching man. He is a man who possesses an inner tranquility that is the genesis to his piercing eyes. In getting to know him it is apparent that he is sizing you up for the kill. He is inviting you in to a world of self-development.

Check out what Benny has to share, might pause you as it paused me.

Talk tomorrow my good friends,


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  1. Denny Snyder says:

    I have learned in my 65.5 years of life that FEAR is just an option…in our head. When people SELECT the fear option, they give up FAITH and then negativity takes over. As a card carrying member of the major 12 Step Program, the first 3 steps indicate I need to acknowledge, let go and allow. I pretty much, now, purposely choose things in my life that are HUGE risks…to face any FEAR that might be lingering in my mind. I am not in control of people, places and things but, I am in control of me and my choices. By doing so I prove to myself that no control is actually control over things that go bump in the night in. That is why I am doing the Ironman Triathlon at Lake Tahoe in Sept. To face that reality!! Life is good when we finally get out of our own way…realizing that we are not HELPLESS and life is not HOPELESSLY on the spin cycle. I choose to let go of the thought that I can control life…but I also choose to exercise my option of controlling my response to life and all the S#*T it throws up at me. I choose to be fearless in my approach to life and willingly and constantly reset the marker and find new summits. Love d+++


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