Sidewalk Ghosts / Interview 386: “Dream Big… The Right Way”

“All things that happen in your life is designed… That God put people in your life for a reason… Faith is first… then it is integrity.” —Kenny

He resembles Hall of Fame’s Dave Winfield, Frank Thomas and Ozzie Newsome as he played for the Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres and Montreal Expo’s. Then there is his time with the Buffalo Bills when he realized that the skies the limit in playing two Super Bowls. But his depth is deeper than his athletic success, charming character and pleasant disposition. Today’s stranger… now friend, Kenny, speaks of faith, respect, community, love and culture.

With the confidence of a seasoned coach he encourages us to dream big… the right way.

He quotes, “That is all I know how to do.”

One Comment Add yours

  1. Denny Snyder says:

    I know Kenny! Good man!! Tell him the old man Denny said hi!! And I am dreaming big. d


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