SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 146: To The Victor Goes The Growth

I’ve been jamming today, prepping for an assignment shoot tomorrow. 4:30pm, the sun is dropping like a rock and I know I need to get a full night’s sleep. For weeks I’ve been hitting the streets around me, and every time, I am blown away with the diversity of people I am getting to know, and all so close, literally in my back yard.

Some friends have come easy, while others have been the result of painstaking time commitments in wandering the burbs.

Today, my hopes of an early interview are fulfilled when, and I’m proud to say, I meet my new friend Ingrid, a true ambassador for the betterment of man.

I meet her only eight blocks from my home, running into her as she exits a local chiropractor office; seems our paths cross as she is finishing a day of self-promoting her business.

Ingrid is a real people person and when she presents me her card, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, I know she is a healer.

At first words, and for some unexplainable strange reason, I feel a little nervous in building a conversation with her. Maybe it’s the flack of the last two days of rejections. Nontheless, and even though a tad jittery, my heart confirms, “Ingrid is a great lady and has an important story to share.”

Our talk is casual and Ingrid’s countenance comfortable, “I’d love to be in your project, but I have to drop a letter in the mail box down the street.”

Yet we find ourselves fully engaged in 365, so I offer to walk with her to the mailbox. Turns out to be the icing on the cake. As we stroll, Ingrid and I share histories and as we find common ground, the real Ingrid emerges.

“You are the creator of you own life and your own experience… absolutely,” The philosophy Ingrid opens up with.

She tells us, “People can be what they believe; how they act is based on what they believe, and we see with our experiences, life starts on the inside.”

I’m sure you have all met life coaches before, and you may be skeptical to their words, but one thing I can assure you, Ingrid is putting her life where her words are.

“Belief is first, and positive self-esteem is a result of self belief,” more of Ingrid’s council.

“I grew up with don’t do, and know what that feels like. That kind of learning teaches us to doubt ourselves. Better to be shown or taught how, to be allowed to ask ‘how do I answer this question?’”

I say, “Ingrid is putting her life where her words are.”

As we leisurely walk, Ingrid confidently reveals a darker side of her history. Born and raised in Venice, Ingrid speaks of her childhood, her upbringing, and a life that she is wholly resolved with. “I have seen war, was beaten and raped, it took me years to get married, and when I did I found out he was a terrible sex addict.

“’Happiness is a choice, you have to ask yourself, ‘do I want to be a victim or a victor?’” A stance Ingrid places to all she does, and one that she has earned the life degree to hold.

Her verdict is bold, “Whatever it is, we can choose to either use it as an excuse to quit or a reason to grow.

“I view life as eternal, and that puts all experiences in a rather ‘not so significant’ place and there is only one truth, ‘live in the now.’

“Every individual is of the highest importance. Whether a beggar or a baby, rich man or a poor man, whatever or whoever, they, just being who they are, have a purpose. And that purpose is to create. Who is to say there is not meaning in everything?”

Ingrid’s reasoning for what she does: “I was in the beauty business for many years. I made more money then, but I’m happier helping people know their intrinsic value is measurable, that there is no need to fear, that everything happens for a purpose, and for them to be able to say, ‘I’m going to be OK’”

My job, she tells me, “Uncovering the truth for people. I’m in the restoration business.”

Our stroll is over, the sun is almost gone, Ingrid has bravely revealed her past and through her example she backs this thought, “’Happiness is a choice,” and I think we all desire one common end, victory.

In a very short time I have come to know, as I stated earlier, a healer. One who knows, first hand, the path from adversity to self-esteem. So if any of you are interested in contacting Ingrid, here is her website, or her email, Tell her Richard referred you.

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