SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 140: “Build It, Whatever It Is”

Raymond is mostly silent, the complete opposite of his friend Lupita, both of whom I meet this evening at a Calabasas shopping center. There have been a few rejections tonight, and even though I look pretty safe, browsing with my family, I guess it’s just one of those days that people are frightened of me. Maybe it is the limp I’m developing, due to my pained back, or my furrowed brow of aftermath from my morning’s mommy, daughter, school stress, but what ever it is, I’m defiantly not a 365 magnet this evening.

So when, by the soothing sound of outdoor mall music, “I think it is coming from a rock?”  I approach Raymond and Lupita; where finally I get embrace a willingness to join us in 365.

Lupita is a gas; that mall music I’m speaking of, it’s smooth jazz. And seemingly swayed by its energy, Lupita, with the most captivating of personality, starts, “Interview Raymond first, you and I can dance.”

Instantly, I love this lady. It’s always so much fun to meet a person who has great charisma, but Lupita’s charm is not just her ability to instantly engage, it is much deeper than that.

Lupita is a warrior for the betterment of the Hispanic culture.

To warm us up I’ll share Lupita’s words of counsel to us, an adaptation of the golden rule.  “Love the lord and love your neighbors as yourself.”

I will not underplay the power and peace of the golden rule; it is a basis to so much good, and has been shared with us by many of our 365 friends. Yet when Lupita expresses it to me, and even though I am uplifted in hearing it, my heart tells me there is more Lupita has to share with us than another delivery of the it.

We take photos and continue to chat; all while my intuition is nagging at me to not let go of the interview until I find the link to Lupita’s magic.

I ask her to think about what she would like to see the future bring.

“A world where people are full of compassion and gratitude towards everyone.” Again a very wonderful dream and one that many of us would love to see come to fruition.

But my instinct is still pulling at me, “There is more?”

We’ve finished our photos, reviewed our perspectives of my questions, and Raymond has even kicked in his words of counsel and wishes for the future. He is short and to the point in rolling all up into one, he gives us a modest plea, “Peace and love.”

That’s it..? I won’t say I’m disappointed, Life’s great, I’ve met two very kind and gracious people, but I know there is something else, and it’s written all over Lupita’s face. She does something that is impactful… I know it.

OK, let’s go for an obvious question, maybe that will lead to something.

“Lupita, what do you do for a living?” I ask.

“I’m a producer.”

My intrigue perks up. After all, I’m an industry guy.

And with that question the floodgates open, “By Jove, I think we’ve got it!”

“I’ve been very busy with one client, and feel blessed, “ says Lupita.

“What do you produce?” is my next obvious question.

Lupita explains, “Hispanic TV content that is uplifting and brings to the masses things that are entertaining and educational. Programming that is empowering, like become a citizen, be legal or ideas for starting a business.

To many people in the Hispanic community are bombarded with media that is violent or negative, no wonder so many kids get into trouble, that is all they see in the media. I produce things that are a good example for viewers.”

“Do you have a link you want me to share?” I inquire.

She gives me this,

Now my Spanish is terrible, still I take a moment to browse the site and find the Vision and the Mission of the network she is working with.

Thanks to our friends at Google (got to love Google Translate), I’m able to post this.

That Vision:
Reach thousands of people in Southern California with a message of hope and faith.
Interactively show how to apply Christian principles to everyday life.
Be motivational to a thirsty population.
Provide a positive and healthy programming in a corrupt world.

That Mission:
Create local programming with new formats, fresh and creative showing a different way of how to address the problems of everyday life with Christ. Being a media seen by both Christians and non-Christians. With educational programming, entertaining and high quality without leaving aside the impact that God can do for everyone. Give the viewers of Southern California an innovative alternative to watching television that inspires positive changes in your life.

Lupita meets me tonight with the warm wish of the golden rule. All makes sense now. She has found her place in life.

Not sure if you have seen the movie Field of Dreams, in it Kevin Costner hears a voice, “Build it and they will come.”

Why do I reference this? First, I have to tell you that my words are not a preach of Christianity. I do believe we all have the unalienable right to worship how we believe, but here is why I am in amour of Lupita.

“Built it and they will come.” Lupita’s heart is full of love, hope and charity. The fundamentals of her believe. It is so evident to me in meeting her, that I could not stop inquiring as to the source of her magic.

Her whole self is in sync with her beliefs, that’s the build it part. I ask, “How many of us fully embrace our core beliefs?”

Lupita, never preached to me, never probed for my faith, and never turned away from her message; that simple global message of love your neighbors as yourself.

And they will come: My take, listen to yourself, don’t compromise and stand strong in your efforts. A charge to follow the path you see fit, and to not waiver in your attitude towards it. And that mixed with tolerance and understanding towards your fellow humans (the golden rule stuff), is the cocktail to an inner perspective to the why’s and how’s of every day life, and, the backbone to conquering the obstacles of living.

They will come: Your perspective will attract them, and your works will endear them.

Lupita, this may sound hokey, but I feel our meeting is meant to be. Thank you for your perspective and your works. It is apparent that you have been directed to do what you do, and it matters.

To all, I say, “Build it, whatever it is.”

In parting, Lupita’s concluding words, It’s all about love.”

And Raymond, “Peace and Love…” Sign us up!

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