SideWalk Ghosts / Interview 2: Driving Forward

Today’s entry – Travel log style.

11:30am: Early lunch with family. Almost decide to shoot Chef Abraham. Discouraged by the lunch rush, I pass on the prospect,

1:00pm: Frys Electronics, Kill two birds with one stone. How? Buy wireless keypad for iPad and spend enjoyable 30 minutes in demo massage chair. Now healed from the terrible ergonomics of entry one. I’m ready to comfortably blog the rest of 365.

4:00pm: The day is burning, embark on forced quest for stranger two, Find myself at shopping center and denied by one very cool looking person. Leaves lump in throat as to if I am crazy doing this project.

4:30pm: Tugged into Golfsmith by my 8-year-old daughter. First Dentist, Then Cowgirl, Then Egyptologist, Then Doctor, Then Stuntgirl, Now Golf Pro. Break down and buy her a 7 iron.

4:45pm: Price golf lessons, $1000 for roughly 10 lessons*#! Wholly Heck!!

5:00pm: Leave store resolved to find better way to spend daughter’s scholorship fund.

6:00m: We go to driving range instead.

6:45sh: Encino California, Ready Golf Driving Range. All is well.

7:00pm: Hit ATM to get cash for golfclub rental.

7:01pm: Reluctantly eat $3 ATM fee!!

7:05pm: Approach Danial and Donal. Good guys, their in.

“Daniel, the genuine article, and a gentleman to boot.”
As quoted by Irish cigar toting golfing buddy Donal.

These two guys were great. Would have been nice to get Donal on camera as well, but he left all stage honors to Daniel. We chatted for about 20 minutes and captured this photo. Dan, An accountant, moved to Los Angeles from New York in 2006 to get closer to better golfing.

He Quotes, “I’d rather roam on a golf course than be stuck at a desk.”

The Man is A Golf Ball Cannon – SERIOUSLY!

So I’m hitting drives with my daughter. We keep hearing a solid crack and watch balls escape over the horizon’s fence and exiting the driving range at over 300 yards. There is no way I’m leaving this place without photographing the golf ball mangling man to my left.

Introducing Brent, Online marketing dude ant Avatar Labs. A very cool entertainment advertising agency. Turns out we know a few of the same people. Who would have thunk?

I’m telling you this guys drive is no joke.

He leaves me this word of wisdom, “Life is Good!”

I think we should listen.

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  1. brentjeong says:

    Richard’s helpful and courteous 8-year old daughter really stole the show as she somehow managed to get the wireless signal from her Dad’s Canon connected to an iPad – the photos magically began to successfully transfer. Pretty cool trick and I learned it all from a chance encounter. Maybe the 8-year old has a natural knack and a future in computer science/technology?

    The more I think about it, the more I appreciate Richard’s creative, interesting, and most challenging endeavor to meet someone new everyday for a year and I pondered what stories and possibilities his journey might bring. And I especially dig how the game of golf can bring strangers together to engage in a conversation and share a moment… not via phone, email, texting, skype, a Like on Facebook, etc… but a good old fashioned, face-to-face “How do you do?” You know, the way people used to communicate with one another, before we were able to hide behind a computer screen.

    Richard, I think you’re on to something here and I hope and believe you will find spectacular people, stories, and profound insights along the way. You’ve already gained a fan/follower and I wish you all the best as you discover 364 more friends and perspectives. Thanks for stopping to say hello, for graciously adding a few yards to my drives in your blog post, and for not mentioning any of the bad shots!

    Good luck to you.

    -Brent Jeong


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